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Some NRM papers

Some NRM papers

Dudley, N.,et al. 2010. The revised IUCN protected area management categories: the debate and ways forward.Oryx 44(4):485-490. Abstract.

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Land Cover Mapping and Area Sampling Frame (Ethiopia) Project Funded by the European Commission. CRIS120-352. GCP/ETH/071/EC. 12 p.

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NBI. 2010. Sudan. Nile Basin Countries. Nile Basin Initiative. (NBI)

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USEgypt Workshop on Space Technology and Geoinformation for Sustainable Development, Cairo, Egypt 1417 June, 2010. Info. on the workshop.

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Map Collection, University of Texas Library (UTL). and

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World Trade Press (n.d.). Precipitation Map of Libya, Best Country Reports. and


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