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Lucys Globe 2.0 Multilanguage

Lucys Globe 2.0 Multilanguage | 1.3 Mb

The main aim of this program is to improve you geographical knowledge - especially about states and their capitals. Lucy's Globe trains at the same time geographical and foreign language knowledge. The shareware program shows a colorful globe on the screen and in a puzzle like mode puts learners on the task to select the name and capital for the right state. The globe can be comfortably turned in any direction with clicking and pulling with the mouse. Addingly, there is a magnification glass which allows to find states as little as Andorra or the Vatican.

A multilingual globe and geography puzzle

The language of the user interface of Lucy's Globe and the language of the data (language which is used for the labels on the globe and in the different tables) can be chosen independently of each other.

At this time the following languages are at your disposition:
- User interface language: English, German, Spanish
- Data language: English, German, Spanish, French

Nevertheless the administrative parts – the parts used for changing the data – only exist in English.

Globe Puzzle – Earth Puzzle – States Puzzle

With Lucy's Globe you can improve your geographical knowledge and at the same time not only learn the corresponding vocabulary in English but also in Spanish, German and French. An this, you do it while playing because the globe transforms into a geographical puzzle as soon as you choose the corresponding puzzle globe mode: All countries get the same color and all labels disappear. At the same time a list opens which contains the states or their capitals which are sorted according to the criteria you have chosen: surface, population, population density, alphabetical or random.

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