Sunday, 17 April 2011

Monitoring and Predicting Agricultural Drought

Monitoring and Predicting Agricultural Drought
Oxford University Press | April 14, 2005 | ASIN: 019516234X | 496 pages | PDF | 5.9 MB

Agricultural droughts affect whole societies, leading to higher food costs, threatened economies, and even famine. In order to mitigate such effects, researchers must first be able to monitor them, and then predict them; however no book currently focuses on accurate monitoring or prediction of these devastating kinds of droughts. To fill this void, the editors of Monitoring and Predicting Agricultural Drought have assembled a team of expert contributors from all continents to make a global study, describing biometeorological models and monitoring methods for agricultural droughts. These models and methods note the relationships between precipitation, soil moisture, and crop yields, using data gathered from conventional and remote sensing techniques.


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