Thursday, 23 June 2011

CoPilot Live Truck North America v8.2.0.456

CoPilot Live Truck North America v8.2.0.456 | 1.4GB

Introducing CoPilot Live Truck — the first voice-guided GPS Navigation iPhone app designed specifically for professional drivers of trucks and other large vehicles.

Unlike consumer navigation apps, CoPilot Live Truck takes into account truck-restricted and prohibited roads to provide drivers safe and reliable navigation on truck-legal roads. It automatically calculates routes based on your vehicle size, weight, width and load type to avoid commercial truck restrictions.

- Avoids low bridge clearances and weight/height/width-restricted roads

- Choice of routing options including Practical, Shortest, and 53’/102” Trailer or Twins, National Network and Toll Avoidance

- Avoids truck-prohibited turns and U-turns

- Avoids Hazmat or flammable materials-restricted roads

Based on the award-winning CoPilot Live navigation app and incorporating industry standard PC*MILER truck-specific attributes, CoPilot Live Truck automatically favors major roads, significantly reducing the likelihood of being guided along narrow lanes and through residential areas. It can help increase efficiency, reduce mileage and help avoid costly fines and vehicle damage.

This purchase includes 30 days use of CoPilot Live's advanced real-time traffic information service

Detailed street-level maps of the U.S. and Canada are stored on your phone, so there are no monthly fees – and no map downloads.



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