Thursday, 23 June 2011

Navigon MobileNavigator USA 1.8.1 + Panoramic 3D View

NAVIGON MobileNavigator USA 1.8.1 + Panoramic 3D View (06.2011) | 1.95 GB

Software MobaylNavigator make your iPhone more functional device. The annex is an automated adjustment display, highly intelligent introduction addresses, assistant high-speed mode, the points of interest POI, as well as many other necessary functions in selecting routes, night and day

Support iOS 4, including multi-tasking and FastAppSwitch
- Display the latest available data NAVTEQ
- Live weather information (address and route)
- CleverParking (Parking is available around your addresses to their destination)
- The new screen is a brief review addresses showing weather information, and POI
- Improved RealityView Pro
- Voice prompts
- Intelligent address input
- Planning the route with intermediate points
- POI on route
- Automatic language selection
- Radars
- Ancillary maps
- Call the contacts POI
- POI filter
- Sending e-mail to coordinate
- Improvements for pedestrian navigation
- Google local search
- Added the possibility of introducing coordinates
- Faster download speeds

Installation of Panoramic 3D View:
To install Panoramic 3D View you will need a program giving access to the root: DiskAid, IphoneBrowser, iFunbox etc.
Open the folder / var / mobile / Applications / NAVIGON / and copy the downloaded folder from NAVIGON NAvigon.1.8.1-3D.patch.
Open the folder / var / mobile / Applications / NAVIGON / / smap and copy Terrain_NA_USA.nfs.
Open the folder / var / mobile / Applications / NAVIGON / Library / Preferences and skoiruyte it com.navigon.NavigonUSA.plist
Run the program. In the additional options in the "Map view", select the "Panoramic View 3D".
On Iphone 3G & 3GS undesirable use of "Panoramic View 3D"




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