Friday, 10 June 2011

Portable Atlas (PAT)

It's a free, portable and feature riched atlas which can run under DOS and UNIX. The package is enriched with a nice set of data. Full-mapping function with 70+ projections, French or English language, API supported, CIA database linked. The outputs of the product are in portable formats (GIF, JPG, PNG...) while input requirements are E00 (ArcInfo export), Shapefile (ArcView/ArcGIS)... suitable for large number of users.

Thanks a lot Ian Macky for this contribution.

Download from here:
or select for
Unix | DOS
Get the free data here.

Some snapshots of the products:

Modified Stereographic projection of the 50 United States

Modified Stereographic projection set up for Alaska.

Earthquake activity near New Zealand, 1980s

Planets to scale (with skins)

Hill shading demonstration

Global choropleth using WHO SARS data

Exaggerated rising ocean levels

Goode Homolosine demonstration

Scale distortion patterns

Choropleth demonstration (US counties)

Fill examples

California faults and earthquakes

Classroom-style map of the 50 United States

United States choropleth example

Globular projections sampler

Global choropleth using World Factbook

Mollweide interrupted to best show the oceans


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