Sunday, 24 July 2011

ArcView 3.x 3D Analyst

 *  Use ArcView 3D Analyst to create and modify surface models
    * Create 3D shapefile themes with ArcView 3D Analyst
    * ArcView 3D Analyst allows for simple editing of TINs
    * Planimetric display of surfaces is possible with ArcView 3D Analyst

Extend the Power of ArcView with ArcView 3D Analyst
The ArcView 3D Analyst extension enables users to create, analyze, and display surface data. ArcView 3D Analyst, a generic surface modeling package, is ideal for both the novice and the advanced user, its functionality answering the needs of those performing tasks related to surface analysis and display. Unique features of ArcView 3D Analyst include support for triangulated irregular networks (TINs) and simple three-dimensional vector geometry, as well as interactive perspective viewing.

In ArcView 3D Analyst, the most commonly used functions are accessible from pull down menus and tool buttons that are added to the ArcView interface when the extension is installed.



Thong Pham said...

Plz help me. I can't download 3D analysis from above link.

I need 3D analysis for window 64bit.

Dimas Prayogi Setyo said...

i can't download it either

Đỗ Minh Phương said...

Link update:

imtiaz ahmed said...

please please give me the link of 3d analyst arcview

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