Sunday, 24 July 2011

ArcView 3.x Image Analyst

ArcView Image Analysis, an optional GIS extension to ArcView 3.X, provides enhanced geographic imaging tools to the desktop.  ArcView Image Analysis enables users to go beyond using images as a backdrop for vector maps.  Now digital imagery can be used for data visualization, data extraction/creation, and analysis.  ArcView Image Analysis allows the use of a broad range of image data types, satellite imagery, aerial photography, orthoimagery, and other remotely sensed data.

With ArcView Image Analysis you can:

    * Quickly display and manipulate image data
    * Georeference imagery to shapefiles, coverages, global positioning system points, or reference images.
    * Perform image enhancement
    * Automatically map feature boundaries
    * Perform change detections for continuous and thematic imagery
    * Perform multispectral categorizations for land cover mapping and data extraction
    * Perform vegetation greenness mapping
    * Mosaic imagery from different sources and different resolutions

The software is easy to use by any ArcView users, regardless of skill or experience with image processing or remote sensing.  The results of an ArcView Image Analysis project can be used as input to applications that require ArcView Spatial Analyst and/or ArcView 3D Analyst.



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