Sunday, 24 July 2011

Blue Marble Desktop Version 2.3 Now Available for Download!

Blue Marble Desktop v2.3 is Now Available for Evaluation

Evaluate the Blue Marble Desktop v2.3 today to see what our latest release has to offer. Blue Marble Desktop v2.3 includes updates to the three modules in the desktop: The Geographic Calculator v7.6, The Geographic Transformer v6.3 and Spatial Connect v7.3. With updates ranging from a new MetaData Editor tool to expanded LiDAR visualization and manipulation functionality this is a must see update!

To download, and evaluate the newest version of the Blue Marble Desktop please go to

Here are a few of the new features that can be found within Blue Marble Desktop v2.3:

  • Enhanced geographic envelope system for managing area of use, which enables the user to assign appropriate coordinate system, horizontal datum and datum transformation based on geographic area. New ability to do so with custom defined georeferenced polygons by importing a vector file or by hand in the map viewer
  • Enhanced Esri plug-in to filter based on coordinate system, horizontal datum and datum shifts per user preference. Also new ability to quickly import and transform data using the Esri projection engine in the toolbar extension.New Blue Marble Desktop MetaData Editor Tool with read and write support for XML and text-based metadata files FGDC and Esri compliant
  • New Area Clipper and Layer Splitter Tools for custom polygon definition and breaking apart multi-layered vector files
  • Larger, faster processing for batch process users
  • Major updates to GeoCalc libraries including several new vertical data models
  • Better handling of conversions between AutoCAD and Bentley formats
  • Significant updates to LiDAR data visualization and manipulation functionality
  • Five new Geoid models including the ability to define an offset from a Geoid

For more information on how to purchase your own Blue Marble Desktop license please contact our sales team at, or by phone at +1-207-582-6747/ 1-800-616-2725.


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