Monday, 25 July 2011

Cost of Very High Ground Resolution Data and Some Other Good Things

Cost of Very High Ground Resolution Data 

H. Gyde Lund – In June we had an inquiry about the prices for very high resolution (better than 5 meter) satellite images. Here are some sites that may be of interest. If you know more, please contact Bedru at bedru.muzein@GOOGLEMAIL.COM

  • Aerial Photographs and Satellite Images
  • Current satellite earth images
  • Digital Globe
  • Geoimagery products
  • High resolution images of earth
  • Lemmen, Christiaan et al. 2009. First experiences with High Resolution Imagery Based Adjudication Approach for Social Tenure Domain Model in Ethiopia
  • Satellite Images
  • Satellite Imaging Corporation -
  • Terra Server
  • Where to See Free Satellite Images?

 Some other good publications

  • Hengl, T. et al. 2003. Digital Terrain Analysis in ILWIS. Lecture notes and users' guide. International Institute for Geo-Information Science & Earth Observation (ITC). Enschede. Netherlands. p. 45.
  • Hernández-Stefanon, J. Luis et al. 2011. Combining geostatistical models and remotely sensed data to improve tropical tree richness mapping. Ecological Indicators 11(5): 1046-1056. Abstract.
  • Herold, Martin. 2009. An assessment of national forest monitoring capabilities in tropical non-Annex I countries: Recommendations for capacity building. Final Report. 62 p.
  • Holmgren, Peter. 2006. Global Land Use Area Change Matrix Input to the Fourth Global Environmental Outlook (GEO- 4). Forest Resources Assessment WP 134.
  • Hossain, M. Shahadat; Dasa, Nani Gopal, 2010. GIS-based multi-criteria evaluation to land suitability modelling for giant prawn (Macrobrachium rosenbergii) farming in Companigonj Upazila of Noakhali, Bangladesh. Computers and Electronics in Agriculture 70(1): 172-186. Abstract.
  • USFS. N.d. Forest Area Density Analysis map (FDEN).
  • Vella, Francesca. 2011. Just 0.5% of Malta’s land area covered by trees. The Malta Independent Online.
  • Woudenberg, S.W.; et al.. 2010. The forest inventory and analysis database: database description and users manual version 4.0 for Phase 2. Gen. Tech. Rep. RMRS-GTR- 245.  336 p. available online: From Barbara Conkling, USFS FHM.


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