Saturday, 23 July 2011

Edit Tools for ArcView

EditTools gives you all the editing functionality you will ever want in a single extension with an easy to use interface.

What makes EditTools Unique:

- Clean, Build, Adjust, Edge Match and COGO like in Arc/Info;
- Edit like in CAD;
- Update attributes according User Defined rules;
- Unique way to add new polygons and keep the theme clean from overlaps;
- Edit and keep your polyline theme clean and ready for network analysis;
- Powerful generic snapping;
- Build Convex Hull, TIN (2D or 3D) and Thiessen Polygons;
- Calculate Slope, Aspect, Hillshade, derive contours;

Download :

For Arcview 3.2 and higher

For Arcview 3.1

User guide


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