Saturday, 23 July 2011

GRASS 6.4.1

GRASS (Geographic Resources Analysis Support System) is a free, open source Geographical Information System (GIS) capable of handling raster, topological vector, image processing, and graphic data.

Release Notes

WinGRASS is a project of the GRASS Development Team with the goal of creating a native Microsoft Windows version of the GRASS software. For the past two and a half decades GRASS has primarily been written for and run on high powered UNIX workstations. Refitting the software's approximately one million lines of source code to run smoothly on Windows has been no mean feat and has taken a few years of development effort.

WinGRASS is still an experimental project, hence it can't be considered a complete and fully working release of GRASS for Windows. Some features are missing (see Missing Modules section in this document), some known bugs still need to be fixed (see Known Issues section), and other features may not work yet. Nevertheless, we are getting closer and are quite proud of the progress that has been made. It is our goal that the 6.4 release be a usable and useful tool for all GIS users regardless of their chosen computer platform.



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