Sunday, 24 July 2011

Jaspa 0.2.0 released

We are pleased to announce the release 0.2.0 of Jaspa (JAva SPAtial). Jaspa potentially brings around 200 spatial functions to any relational database system that supports Java stored procedures. In this 0.2.0 version Jaspa supports PostgreSQL and H2. The biggest change from the previous release is a new topology rules system with around 70 topology rules.

New features:

- A new web page dedicated to Jaspa. It has a blog and links to the documentation and download section.
- A new driver for gvSIG 1.11 (Jaspa for PostgreSQL).
- A new driver for Kosmo 2.0.1 (Jaspa for PostgreSQL).
- A new topology rules system with around 70 topology rules.
- A new workshop material of more than 100 pages (in English and Spanish) which can be very useful to a new user who wants to get started into spatial databases and Jaspa. It covers the installation, spatial analysis exercises, topology rule exercises and even a guide about developing new stored procedures in Jaspa using Java.

For more information about the changes in this release, see the section ‘Changes from previous versions’ in the documentation.

Best regards,
The Jaspa team
Jose Martinez-Llario
Marta Gonzalez-Alcaide

Universidad Politecnica de Valencia


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