Sunday, 21 August 2011

Phd Fellowships

Techniques of ortho corrected satellite image processing and multi-spectral high spatial resolution for GIS application relating to territorial and environmental risks (Italy)

Transforming water scarcity through trading - engineered options (UK)

Evaluation of the urban environment using GIS and Remote Sensing (UK)

Perceptions and Use of Greenspace Areas: Implications for Landscape
Design, Health and Well-Being  (UK)

Development of GIS phytopathological thematic maps and geostatistics elaboration (Italy)

Definition of models for the integration of floristic and vegetation data in the process of ecoregional and landscape classification at detailed spatial scale (sections, subsections, and lower levels) in a GIS environment (Italy)

Satellite Observation of Land Use Change and Agricultural Production (Germany)

Mathematical and statistical modelling of the spread and establishment of non-native invasive species into UK marine waters (UK)


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