Thursday, 15 September 2011

Developments in Hydraulic Conductivity Research

Edited by: Oagile Dikinya

ISBN 978-953-307-470-2, Hard cover, 270 pages
Publisher: InTech
Publication date: February 2011
Subject: Environmental Science

This book provides the state of the art of the investigation and the in-depth analysis of hydraulic conductivity from the theoretical to semi-empirical models perspective as well as policy development associated with management of land resources emanating from drainage-problem soils. A group of international experts contributed to the development of this book. It is envisaged that this thought provoking book will excite and appeal to academics, engineers, researchers and University students who seek to explore the breadth and in-depth knowledge about hydraulic conductivity. Investigation into hydraulic conductivity is important to the understanding of the movement of solutes and water in the terrestrial environment. Transport of these fluids has various implications on the ecology and quality of environment and subsequently sustenance of livelihoods of the increasing world population. In particular, water flow in the vadose zone is of fundamental importance to geoscientists, soil scientists, hydrogeologists and hydrologists and allied professionals.


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