Thursday, 15 September 2011

Geoscience and Remote Sensing

Edited by: Pei-Gee Peter Ho

ISBN 978-953-307-003-2, Hard cover, 598 pages
Publisher: InTech
Publication date: October 2009
Subject: Remote Sensing

Table of Contents

  1. Remote Sensing of the Ecology and Functioning of the Mekong River Basin with Special Reference to the Tonle Sap
    Simon Nicholas Benger
    499 views, 141 downloads
  2. Remote Sensing of Forest Health
    Jyrki Tuominen, Tarmo Lipping, Viljo Kuosmanen and Reija Haapanen
    688 views, 331 downloads
  3. Development of a High-Resolution Wireless Sensor Network for Monitoring Volcanic Activity
    Jose Chilo, Andreas Schluter and Thomas Lindblad
    505 views, 218 downloads
  4. On Position and Attitude Estimation for Remote Sensing with Bistatic SAR
    Stefan Knedlik, Junchuan Zhou and Otmar Loffeld
    642 views, 192 downloads
  5. Unmanned Airborne Platforms For Disaster Remote Sensing Support
    Vincent G. Ambrosia and Steven S. Wegener
    480 views, 157 downloads
  6. The Geomorphometry of Rainfall-Induced Landslides in Taiwan Obtained by Airborne Lidar and Digital Photography
    Jin-King Liu, Kuan-Tsung Chang, Jiann-Yeou Rau, Wei-Cheng Hsu, Zu-Yi Liao, Chi-Chung Lau and Tian-Yuan Shih
    585 views, 197 downloads
  7. Description and Publication of Geospatial Information
    Arturo Beltran, Laura Diaz, Carlos Granell, Joaquin Huerta and Carlos Abargues
    473 views, 113 downloads
  8. Application of Real Time GIS, Remote Sensing and IC Tag for Realization of Geospatial Information Society
    Shikada Masaaki, Takeuchi Sayaka, Shimano Sota and Moriya Mitoshi
    588 views, 189 downloads
  9. Integrated Sea Surface Temperature Products within a Coastal Ocean Observing System
    Nadya T. Vinogradova
    423 views, 105 downloads
  10. Soil Backgrounds Impact Analysis on Chlorophyll Indices Using Field, Airborne and Satellite Hyperspectral Data
    A. Bannari and K. Staenz
    445 views, 205 downloads
  11. Simultaneous Estimation of Optical Properties of Asian Dust and Ground Reflectance by Polarization Measurements
    Takashi Kusaka and Ryuichi Taniguchi
    394 views, 95 downloads
  12. Moving Target Detection and Velocity Estimation in Multi-Channel AT-InSAR Systems from Amplitude and Phase Data
    Alessandra Budillon
    543 views, 187 downloads
  13. Monitoring Tropical Peat Swamp Deforestation and Hydrological Dynamics by ASAR and PALSAR
    Dirk Hoekman
    470 views, 340 downloads
  14. Multivariate Differencing Techniques for Land Cover Change Detection: the Normalized Difference Reflectance Approach
    Paolo Villa, Giovanmaria Lechi and Mario A. Gomarasca
    446 views, 210 downloads
  15. Using Kernel Methods in a Learning Machine Approach for Multispectral Data Classification. An Application in Agriculture
    Adrian Gonzalez, Jose Moreno, Graham Russell and Astrid Marquez
    393 views, 94 downloads
  16. Multivariate Time Series Support Vector Machine for Multispectral Remote Sensing Image Classifications
    Pei-Gee Peter Ho
    570 views, 260 downloads
  17. Surface Approximation from Rapidly Varying Data: Applications to Geophysical Surfaces and Seafloor Surfaces
    Apprato Dominique, Gout Christian and Le Guyader Carole
    400 views, 126 downloads
  18. Three-Dimensional Microwave Imaging Using Synthetic Aperture Technique
    Shi Jun, Zhang Xiaoling, Yang Jianyu, Liao Kefei and Wang Yinbo
    558 views, 198 downloads
  19. Corn Monitoring and Crop Yield Using Optical and Microwave Remote Sensing
    Jesus Soria-Ruiz, Yolanda Fernandez-Ordonez and Heather McNairn
    641 views, 416 downloads
  20. Radargrammetric SAR Image Processing
    Stephane Meric, Franck Fayard and Eric Pottier
    547 views, 348 downloads
  21. MAP Classification of a Reference Image Using Auxiliaries Images with Different Prevalent Classes
    Orlando Alves Maximo and David Fernandes
    420 views, 72 downloads
  22. Optical Satellite Volcano Monitoring: A Multi-Sensor Rapid Response System
    Kenneth A. Duda, Michael Ramsey, Rick Wessels and Jonathan Dehn
    778 views, 202 downloads
  23. The Extended Integral Equation Model IEM2M for Topographically Modulated Rough Surfaces
    Jose Luis Alvarez-Perez
    437 views, 85 downloads
  24. Microwave Remote Sensing of Soil Moisture in Semi-arid Environment
    A. K. M. Azad Hossain and Greg Easson
    597 views, 274 downloads
  25. Ensemble of Retrieval Algorithms and Electromagnetic Models for Soil and Vegetation Water Content Estimation from SAR Images
    Claudia Notarnicola
    436 views, 101 downloads
  26. Methodology for Investigation of the Factors for Georadar Signals Influencing the Directional Pattern of Synthetic Aperture Radar
    Zolotarev I.D. and Miller Ya.E.
    423 views, 144 downloads


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