Monday, 19 September 2011

Google Maps of the Week


Ad agency Biborg has created an award winning banner ad game for YouTube, using Google Maps and HTML5. Envolez-vous! allows users to fly a hot air balloon around the world on Google Maps.

When you first load the map you can share your location to fly the balloon over your own home with Google Maps satellite view. The game includes some quick links to famous locations in France so you can quickly fly your balloon to the Eiffel Tower, Versailles and other interesting locations in France.

GIS Cloud
GIS Cloud is a powerful free cloud based GIS service, that allows users to create, edit, analyze and publish data from only one GIS service.

When creating a map with GIS Cloud users can choose from a number of base tiles, including OpenStreetMap, Bing Maps and Google Maps. Users can then add GIS data to the map, either from data already hosted on GIS Cloud or from their own files.

GIS Cloud projects can be shared, either by sharing the GIS Cloud URL of the project or by embedding the map in your own website. GIS Cloud also comes with a REST API and a JavaScript API.


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