Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Mchme GPS Track Database

Mchme GPS Track Database | 2.17 Mb

GPS Track Database to my collection of GPS tracks and manage to bring in a consistent format. With the help of my tracks I collected can also check whether there are gaps in the OpenStreetMap coverage. Also, I plan my tours with the GPS track database.

GPS track database can be used to

* import tracks and save
* Re-create your own tracks
* see the tracks on a map openstreetmapedit
* Tracks (waypoints, add, change order) to "smooth"
* Tracks (remove excess points)
* Split Tracks
* to export tracks in order to then upload to a GPS device
* Extract files routes from OpenStreetMap
* For existing tracks a Openstreetmap generate map and integrate into your own website (Slippy Map)
* POI data from OpenStreetMap produce




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