Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Proximity Search with Google Maps

Arrlee is a new Google Maps based application that can tell you how far you can travel from a destination on public transport within a certain time.

Arrlee give three good examples of when you might need to carry out a proximity search:
  • You are planning a weekend trip and are looking for locations you can travel to in a specified time
  • You are looking for a new job within a certain commuting time from your home
  • You want to find somewhere to live within a certain commuting time from a specific location 
To use Arrlee just enter a station name and set the time available to travel. You can even add points of interest to the map, so, for example, you can find out where all the museums are within a certain travelling time of a location.

Arelee currently works in Germany, Austria and Switzerland but there are plans to add more countries soon. A mobile version is also in development. 


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