Thursday, 15 September 2011

Radio Occultation Method for Remote Sensing of the Atmosphere and Ionosphere

Edited by: Ya Liou

ISBN 978-953-7619-60-2, Hard cover, 170 pages
Publisher: InTech
Publication date: February 2010
Subject: Atmospheric Sciences

This book is devoted to presentation of radio occultation (RO) remote sensing as a global method for monitoring of the earth’s atmosphere and ionosphere. This technique is based on the following effect: when a spacecrafts radiating radio signals moves into the shadow zone behind the earth and, afterward, appears from this zone, the radio ray produces two cuts of the atmosphere. Atmospheric and ionospheric effects arise in the most cases owing to influence of a zone near the radio ray perigee and cause significant variations of the amplitude, phase, and frequency of the radio waves. These variations enable determination of the altitude profiles of temperature, pressure, refractivity, density, humidity, and turbulence in the atmosphere, distribution of the electron density in the ionosphere, and the wave phenomena at different altitudes with a global coverage.



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