Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Google Earth API Demo Gallery

For those of you who want to learn to program your own Google Earth plugin applications, the place to start is the Google Earth API web site. Here you will find links to the Google Earth API Developer Guide, the Google Earth API FAQ, the Google Earth Browser Plugin forum, and a link to the Google Geo Developer Blog.
Monster Milktruck Game in Google Earth PluginAnd, most important to today's post, Google has just released a new Google Earth API Demo Gallery. This is a nice quick way to see the many plugin demos Google has produced to show off features of the API. This includes boring ones that show features like "Creating a placemark", and really cool ones like "Monster Milktruck", "3D Driving Directions", and "China Syndrome".
All of this will become even more important in the not too distant future. Google will be releasing new improved versions of the Google Earth API and plugin including support for Mac OS X for the plugin. Hopefully the new API will include support for more built-in Google Earth layers, and more straightforward functions to turn on and off KML content.


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